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Know Thyself Again

A Guide To Your Highest Self Through Holistic Health

Why reKNEW?

With our monthly plans, we can help by providing 

Insight of Self

Being aware of your habits, moods, thoughts, cravings, movements, ailments, circumstances, and understand the connection it has with you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Meet Our Team


Armando Mack, Holistic Health Practitioner

Armando Mack is a holistic health practitioner/naturopath, reiki healer,  astro-numerologist, a musician and a plant-based chef. He breathes for self love, knowledge of self, freedom of expression, and healthy relationships.  Armando believes that everything is frequency or energy, so when the body is in stress, it is out of "tune". With this mindset, he aims to tune the body, soul, and spirit of his clients so they return back to themselves.

"The world is stressed because they are not doing what their soul is burning for, because they are unaware of it. But wherever it is, it already exists inside you, and I can be the guide." Everyone deserves to live a stress-free and fulfilled life and I want to create that reality.

Monthly Health Care Plans

The intention of the holistic health care plan is for one to be holistically (spiritually, emotionally, and physically) in tune with their highest self, through health. With the knowledge of how everything physical stems from the emotions, and emotions stem from the thoughts, you can better understand yourself and your stress points in your life.


New thoughts and ideas create different emotions and feelings and expresses themselves physically. Conversely, we can reverse engineer ourselves to remove harmful patterns and establish conducive habits/systems for a better life.


Each dis-ease tells us our spiritual and emotional states. In fact, all states of being are related and influenced by each other. This is very a helpful thing to know, because with traditional allopathic medicine, we normally deal with the physical and sometimes emotional/psychological states, but the spiritual state is always neglected.


Until they all become integrated in medicine, one will never reach the source of their problems in life. With reKNEW, we take everything in account in order to understand where you're at, but more importantly for YOU to know where you're at and why so you can live towards your highest self.


reKNEW the way you see yourself to reKNEW the way you be yourself.

How It Works

Intake Form
Initial Consultation
Holistic Evaluation
Personalized Health Plan
Follow Up Consultations
In Tune With Your Highest Self

Empathic. Healing. Evolutionary.



"Armando provides a holistic approach to health, taking into consideration not just physical but also mental and emotional/spiritual wellness. His initial consultation was comprehensive and he broke things down in an easy to digest manner. I learned a lot about myself and what small changes I could immediately incorporate to move closer to my goals.

Anna, 31


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