Why I Became a Healer

Ever since I was a child, I was skeptical about the intention of hospitals. I did't understand why just about every time we go there we do end up intaking some foreign substance they call "medicine". We all remember that first time we had a check up as a kid and were scared to get a flu shot.

Although we may be just a child, we weren't oblivious to ominous. Sometimes we don't give enough credit to children because they haven't experienced much, however, they still have a sense of danger, but it's their choice to either explore it of repel from it. That can explain why I did my best to not go to the doctor. I see that anyone that goes there leaves with more problems. Not to say that the patient isn't any more ill, I just feel that there's something more than the medications and the modalities that the medical field are displaying.

I never liked or trusted doctors and as I grew older I realized why. As long as there's pestilence, they'll stay rich. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if there's no dis-ease, then hospitals and pharmaceutical companies will be out of business by default.

How can someone intentionally hide knowledge regarding self-healing in order to insure their money from sick patients? I find that disgusting. Why is something that scientists conclusively claim are "hazardous", such as heavy metals are in our water, air, and food (let alone vaccines)? These things are to sustain life, but when it's compromised, you get dis-ease.

My parents definitely suffered from modern day medicine, however they still rely on it. They became my impetus to continue researching alternative ways to heal the body. The more I researched, the more I understood my history, which led me back to nature. With that journey, I reconnected with my ancestor's teachings and quickly grasped a deeper understanding to life. Yes, it was that impactful. As I gravitated towards holistic modalities and metaphysics I came to the conclusion that everyone has the ability to heal themselves with a little knowledge of self. So I started reKNEW to be the guide towards one's highest self.

reKNEW's goal is for everyone to live their highest self through holistic health. There's a lot of stress that we tend to accumulate whenever we're not in alignment with our purpose. We tend to create negative patterns in result, which allows stress to feedback loop back into our lives. The byproduct of this amount of stress provides a breeding ground for all diseases (dis-eases). Medical jargon is purposely cryptic, to force credibility. Disease is essentially stress in a certain part in the body, but when we start throwing out all of these latin terms to classify diseases, the typical patient is stupefied. Ergo, the patient becomes blindsided to only settle for prescription drugs, which is the killer.

Medication temporarily relieves symptoms, but strips minerals from the body, causing your organs to become more stressed. Modern medicine is the feedback loop for disease, that's how they manage to make their money. If I guide just one person out of the hospital and into their best life, I have done my job. If you are ready to start your healing journey, let's schedule a call, I'll be more than happy to serve you.

Until we meet again, find yourself within.

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