Why choose reKNEW?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

ReKNEW is guide back to one's highest self through health; connecting to self allows you to connect to everything around you.

Do you ever ask yourself, why does the world suck so much? Why does everyone feel stress and project insecurity to the point that we live in a toxic environment, even on a global level? of course there are anomalies, however the main energies that is the most ubiquitous and perpetuated are fear, stress, and doubt. So it makes sense that we cannot seem to go in the direction in life we intend to, we are in lower vibratory states. Those heavy feelings weigh down the soul (emotional body which deal with your "movement"). That's why when we feel emotionally stimulated, you have no choice but to say, "that's very moving, you moved me".

Everything is connected, but in order to connect to everything, you first start with SELF.

Notice all the times your were stressed, and how it limited your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. How many things you missed out due to dis-ease?

There's no disease (dis-ease) other than stress. Once you the remove stress, you can be in ease, you spirit, mind, and body can move freely, because you removed the blockages. After that, one will have the ability to go within easier to understand who they are, because there's no resistance anymore, and that's what reKNEW is about. Removing stress and dis-ease may look like a transformation, but essentially you're going back to "self". You see yourself with clarity and can facilitate your highest expression. That may feel new to you, but you'll realize that it always been "you" all along, but you separated due to the distractions of everyday life. ReKNEW is guide to bring all of this to fruition, however you cannot be your own enemy. Never ask for help just to not follow through, but prepare yourself for your highest self, because this is what we all strive for anyways.

Everyone is on this journey regardless, but insight, direction, and a goal makes it all worth it!

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