Naturopathy vs Allopathy Medicine

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Merriam Webster's Dictionary Definitions

Medical Definition of allopathy

: a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated

Definition of naturopathy

: a system of treatment of disease that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents (such as air, water, and herbs) and physical means (such as tissue manipulation and electrotherapy)

So my question is, why does doctors administer you drugs and bodily mutilation for healing purposes? Is it because they want you stay sick? Well, think about it, the hospitals get paid every time you visit, every time they prescribe medication, and every time you go under surgery, so you can do the math.

I provided some info and links to show the real dark side of the pharmaceutical companies to drive in my point even more below.

Quoted from the site, "", "Improperly disposed medications, considered a toxic waste that finds its way into streams and drinking water, negatively impact humans, wildlife, and agriculture." So right off the bat, a byproduct of the prescription medication is toxic chemicals that become circulated in our environment.

Big Pharma's Monopolization of Global Health

(a link that shows how drug companies push incentives to sell their product.)

The next link shows instances where the medications actually caused diseases, rather than cure. This is very indicative to their high volume of customers (sick patients) and high profits. Not only is the drugs addictive but cause disease, and preps you up for the next big drug out there to get hooked on. (Notice the frequency of how many times a patient is prescribed something, the chance of them needing refills are inevitable, but also the necessity of more prescriptions.)

Vaccines are filled with the virus of whichever illness you intended on being cured, as well as adding a plethora of harmful chemicals and bacteria to prime you for disease. In this link, they like to dispel the fact that they add toxic chemicals in the vaccine by saying that they only put small amount in them. However, if you're getting refill after refill, after a new medication after refill and etcetera, you ingest way more than a small amount. The heavy metals go into your bloodstream and circulate in your body slow degenerating it. The effect of heavy metal on the body is a blog post on its own, but I digress.

Conversely, with naturopathy, everything is natural, hence the name, so the side effects are no an issue because everything you'll take is edible and made to interact with the body. I'm surprised that WebMD promoted naturopathy on their site because they are all for allopathic medicine. With both side being presented, why would one go to allopathic treatment when it causes the disease we want to heal from? Now you can better understand why reKNEW focuses on the natural modalities, to heal one holistically, not to create sick customers.

The reason why we stay sick despite all of the hospitals and clinics are here.
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