How Long Does a "New Year Resolution" Last?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Well apparently NY Post has something to say about this...

My question on the matter is, why is the world so quick to put itself on the back burner? Why isn't health always top priority? Does anybody find it weird that find ourselves from time to time neglecting our health in some way? Without our health, we cease to exist, let alone to exist for purpose in life. Another thing, we need to be careful of the words we say, as it creates the reality we live in. FUN FACT: Every disease has their own signature words and phrases and emotional/psychological blockages that can trigger it. Ergo, one disease can show the psychological state one is in, (beside only the physical like the regular allopathic doctor will tell you). For example, a very huge problem for the world is heart dis-ease. The heart is the energy center (chakra) in which you deal with love, nurturance, growth, and relationships. So, when the heart is stressed, one is unable to give/receive love or unable to growth sustainable relationships. That's just one of the many.

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